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January 6, 2013
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Chapter 1 - A new home.

_________,__________, Wake up...

You heard the sound of your mother calling you, as you slowly slipped back into consciousness, the sound got louder, You opened your eyes and light invaded them instantly, you cringed, you blinked a few times as your eyes adjusted to the scene.

Through the windscreen in front of you, you could see a white blanket of snow covering the pathways, you smiled in delight, all the tiredness out of your body had disappeared.

"Don't worry I'm up!" You called to your mother who was unloading the moving Truck with your Father.

You Had Just traveled from (Town name), all the way to Burgess, You had to drive all the way to the airport, which took about 20 minutes, get on a plane, which took 3 hours, and drive to your new home, which took an hour.

You had to get up at 5 A.M, which was why you were so tired, but now you were wide awake after finding out it had snowed.

You opened your car door and jumped out, you turned back around to see your phone laying on the right side of your seat, with earphones plugged in.

You must have fell asleep while listening to music.

You grabbed your phone and shut the car door, you then walked over to your father who had just come back from the house to collect another one of the boxes with your items from home, as much as you wanted to play in the snow, you couldn't leave your father and mother to do the job by themselves, right?

"Hey Dad you want me to help you with that?" You asked politely

Your dad smiled at you "Why thanks honey, here take this, and put it down with the other boxes in the house"

You put your phone in your pocket, and took the box he was holding, it wasn't that heavy so it was easy to carry, you made your way over to your new home and went through the front door, it seemed bigger than your old house, and looked more modern.

You placed the box down gently with the other boxes, just in case the items inside were fragile.

Your mother walked in from what seemed to be the kitchen and beamed at you "What do you think?"

You smiled weakly, "Its great!" It sounds slightly unconvincing, hopefully your mother didn't notice. As much as you loved your new home, you were also sad you had to leave your good friend (Friends name), you had her number to keep in touch, but you were still sad you had to leave her, hopefully you might make some new friends here in Burgess? so you were not a loner, you are not the best at making new friends, the only reason you were friends with (Friends name) in the first place was because she came up to you and introduced herself.

She smiled "Glad you like it, why don't you go play in the snow? me and your father will finish up here"

A smile slowly creeped up onto your face "Really? Thanks Mum!" you dashed out the door, you loved Winter with all your heart, Even if you were a teenager, you still acted like a child when you were in it.

As soon as you came into contact with the snow you stopped, you closed your eyes and let the cold temperature come into contact with your body, you loved the cold. always have, always will.

You had heard about a mischievous winter spirit named Jack Frost, Who could control the winter weather and create snow days for children around the world, you smiled at the thought then whispered.

"Thank you Jack Frost..." And continued walking through the snow enjoying every crunch the snow made with your feet.

Little did you know that the winter spirit had heard you and was watching you the whole time.
I hope you enjoyed the first chapter! I have been thinking for a while how to start the story and it just came to me in a daydream! Sorry about putting 'mum', instead of 'Mom', i'm from England so that's how i usually say it, hopefully it doesn't bother you that much.

Chapter 1 - Your here silly! :)
Chapter 2 - [link]
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Ok, yeah, Jack Frost's home town is Burgess, but, I don't think he lives there, I mean... he lives on the wind from what I know, so he's everywhere :))
Sadly, I moved to Romania... I used to live in Georgia though
SneakyXWoman13 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Jack Frost is my stalker OMG :D
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I love how everybody's just like: OMG CUTEST STALKER EVER, I LOVE JACK FROST, HAVE MY BABIES etc, and I'm just like: the power of Christ compels you! Get out of me, demon, so I can seez himz!!!

Lol I'm weird
Dragonempress123 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
hes a stalker! stalkers are awesome! unless it happens in real life.....
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