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January 6, 2013
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Chapter 2 - The snowball fight

While you were walking, you realised you still had your phone in your pocket, you took it out out and put your earphones in, pressing play the sound off your favorite song played in your ears, not to loud though.

You saw some tree's ahead of you, you decided to do some target practice, you picked up a handful of snow a formed it into a ball, you aimed for the tree in the middle and threw, it landed perfectly in the middle of the tree.

"Bullseye" You smirked, but it faded when you realised you were alone, with nobody to play with, luckily that changed.

"Hello?" You heard a young boy call, you turned round to see a boy a a few years younger than you, he had brown hair and warm brown eyes.

"Hello" You replied and smiled.

"What are you doing here all alone? nobody should be alone on a snow day!" he smiled and you could see a gap in his teeth from where he lost a tooth.

You smiled back "I just moved here, my parents told me i could go play in the snow and look around, which is what i'm doing" you could see a glint of sadness in the boys eyes, maybe because he felt sorry for you for being alone, but it disappeared as soon as it came.

"Why don't you come and play with me and my friends? we were just about to have a snowball fight when we saw you"

Since you were taller than him, you looked over him and saw a group staring at you and the boy, you smiled weakly then looked back at the boy in front of you.

"Sure why not" The boy's face lit up, he started to walk over to his friends and you followed him.

"Whats your name?" He asked while walking.

"_________, ___________ _______, you?"

The boy looked at you again with his warm brown eyes "My names Jamie, Jamie Bennett"

You smiled, You didn't think on the first day of moving you would have made a new friend, but apparently you did, you had finally got up to the group that had been awaiting your arrival, they looked at you again and all gave you a smile.

"Well guys, introduce yourselves!" Jamie asked like it was the most obvious question ever.

"Im Pippa" A girl with a cream hat, white and green scarf and green sweater said, she gave you a warm smile and you smiled back.

"Im cupcake" You looked over to see a girl wearing a pink dress, she was a bit chubbier than the rest, you gave her a smile and looked at the Boy next to them.

"I`m Caleb" The boy gave you a smile and you smiled back, he had black hair and brown eyes, and darker skin than the rest.

You then looked at the blonde girl below them, she only looked 2 or 3, she looked at you with her bright green eyes.

Then Jamie Piped in "And this is my little sister, Sophie" You gave Sophie a wave and she smiled and waved back.

"Well its nice to meet you all, My names _________" They all nodded.

"So, do you want to start the snowball fight?" Jamie asked, you nodded as did the others.

He picked up a handful of snow and you made a run for it, hopefully target practice at tree's payed off, while running you quickly scooped up a handful of snow and moulded it into a snowball, you turned round in time just to dodge Jamie's snowball.

"Damn!" Jamie cursed, you smirked, he started to run but you chucked the snowball and it hit him on the back.

"Got you!" you laughed, he turned round and started laughing as well, then it turned into a fully fledged snowball fight.


You were in cover, it was just you and Jamie now, with his sister watching at the sidelines, the others had given up and went home, you never give up, you were thinking of the perfect time to strike, you peeked from behind the tree, to see Jamie with a snowball waiting to fire, the rules were, if you got hit, you lost, you quickly got back into hiding and slowly knelt down to make a snowball trying to not make any noise, you slowly stood back up, took a deep breath, then revealed yourself from the tree and ran towards Jamie, he was busy in thought and didn't realize you were there until you started running, but he was to late, a cold white snowball had hit him right in the face, His face was so priceless that you couldn't even hold in the laugh inside you, soon enough he was laughing to, when you finally had both calmed down, he spoke.

"How did you get to be so good?" you chuckled.

"I guess throwing snowballs at trees give you good aiming" the smile slowly wiped off your face when you thought about that.

Jamie looked at you with sadness again, like he did earlier today.

"I really wanted you to meet my other friend today" you looked at him.

"What other friend?"

"My friend Jack, he's about your age, he comes to play with me and my friends, when it snows, A few weeks ago he had to go but he said he would be back"

"Oh i see, whats his last name?"

He gave you a serious look "Frost, his name is Jack Frost"

You froze, his name was Jack frost?

"Is he named after the winter spirit that can control the winter weather and create snow days for kids?"

"No ________, He IS the winter spirit"

you thought he was playing some joke, but you could see the seriousness in his eyes.

You didn't reply. He sighed

"I knew you wouldn't believe me" he started walking away

"Jamie, wait!" you called, he turned back around, sadness in his eyes

"Its not that i don't believe you, its just, hard to process, you know"

A glint of hope shone in his eyes "So you believe me, that he is real?"

You smiled "Yes Jamie, I believe you" Just then a gust of wind blew

Jamie looked ahead of you, his face lit up "Jack! You came!" He ran past you

"I said i would come back" Said a voice unfamiliar to you.

You turned round and couldn't believe your eyes

Jamie had just finished hugging the boy, you inspected him, he had hair as white as the snow before you, His eyes were a icy light blue, his skin was pale, but not to pale, he wore a royal blue hooded sweater and brown pants that were rather tattered at the ends, He wasn't wearing ANY shoes, and he was holding a staff, that looked similar to a Shepherd's crook. He looked at you, his piercing icy light blue eyes staring into your ordinary (e/c) ones, for a second he looked shocked then smiled.

"You can see me?"
Here's chapter 2! i made it longer than the last chapter for you guys! i hope you enjoy it! I didn't know what the dark skinned boy was called so i just called him Chase, thanks for reading! i'll try to write chapter 2 tomorrow. :)

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: Your here! :D
Chapter 3: [link]
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FluffyShadowPaw Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Me: No I'm just staring at your face -_-
"You can see me?"

Hm? No,Nope,nahhh.Not at all.That's totally not the reason why i'm looking RIGHT trough your eyes.
heres what i would say (because i love the darkest powers and supernatural series's) no not at all im talking to the ghost behind you. With a very sarcastic tone 
Iluvujackfrost Jul 4, 2013  Student General Artist
" you can see me? " nope, not at all, nah wait, ( he's gone) damn
Iluvujackfrost Jul 4, 2013  Student General Artist
"Damn!" Jamie cursed, wow, so young and already learned tht word, wow......
yep,   your derpy the pony for sure...
Do I look like I'm trying to be? :3 

Cause I'm not :3
Iluvujackfrost Jul 4, 2013  Student General Artist
U sound more like RainbowDash instead of Derpy Hooves...... Seriously.......
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