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January 7, 2013
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Chapter 3 - Jack Frost?!

You nearly didn't answer because you were lost in his icy blue gaze, you snapped out of it and nodded "Yes, I can see you"

Jacks face lit up, it looked like he was going to glomp you at any second.

Jack looked at Jamie who was beaming "S-she can see me!" Jamie smiled and nodded, before you knew it, Jack started jumping around and did a back flip, he acted like he just won the lottery, which made you giggle.

Once Jack had calmed down, he turned to look at you, "My names Jack, Jack Frost"

You smiled "So I've heard, My names ________,________ ______"

Jack smiled "Nice name" you chuckled

"I should be telling you that"

Jack smirked at you, but before he could say anything else, You heard the sound of little feet running in your direction "Jwack!" you heard, you saw Jack kneel down and embrace Sophie in his arms.

"Hey Squirt!, Enjoying the snow?"

She pulled back "Yes!, Fwank you so much!"

Jack smiled "That's okay kiddo, why don't you go carry on playing in the snow? it doesn't last forever"

"Okay!" Then once again, Sophie ran off to play in the white blanket that was snow.

Jack took a step towards you, eyes locked on yours, he twirled the staff that was in his hands "So, what made you believe in me? you can only see me if you believe, which you must do, because you can see me"

You smiled "It was Jamie, he boosted my faith" Jack turned to Jamie who was beaming, you thought you saw Jack mouth 'Thank you' but brushed it off, he turned to look at you again.

"Boosted your faith? so you have heard of me before?" you nodded

"My mother used to tell me stories about a winter spirit who created snow days for kids and could conjure up ice and snow and bend them at his will, and that he could use the wind to make him fly"

Jack smirked "That would be me" you looked at him seriously

"Prove it" He gave you a confused look


"Prove to me that your Jack Frost"

He thought for a moment, then looked back at you, smirking, but it wasn't his usual smirk, oh no, it looked like he had something in mind, something mischievous.


He walked up to you, and grabbed your hand, sending cold chills down your spine, since you didn't really mind the cold, it wasn't that much of a problem, it still gave you chills though.

"Ready to have some fun?"

Fun? what kind of fun?

Suddenly you felt your feet lift of the ground, you looked down to see that you weren't on the snowy floor anymore, you looked at Jack with your eyes wide, he chuckled.

"Believe me now?"

Your eyes went back to there normal state

"Yes, i believe you"

He gave you that mischievous smirk again

"Good, because were going to have some fun"

Oh crap

Suddenly you started flying up higher into the air, Jamie and Sophie watching with wonder, then Jack suddenly stopped, he looked at you


You reluctantly nodded, Jack saw the fear in your eyes and his eyes softened.

"Don't worry, its going to be fun, I promise, i wont let anything happen to you" you could feel the sincerity in his voice, all your fear went away, but you could also feel a tiny blush creep up on your cheeks.

You nodded "I trust you Jack"

He smiled, then looked down at Jamie "We will be right back Jamie!" Jamie nodded and waved. suddenly you started flying higher into the sky, you were so high that you could see the whole town, the scene was beautiful.

"Wow..." was all you could say

Even though you couldn't see it, you could feel Jack smiling "I glad you like the view"

He started flying you around town, your eyes trying to scan every moment in your brain, to savior it.

Occasionally just for fun jack would speed up and do loops, much to your delight.

Time seemed to go so fast, that's what happens when your having fun. It started to get dark, the view was so much better at night with the lights.

"I guess we better get back to Jamie" Jack said, you felt a little disappointed it had to end so soon but you made a promise to Jamie to go back to him.

You nodded, soon enough you saw the place and Jamie and his sister and Jack flew down to them, and once again your feet came into contact with the snowy ground.

Jamie ran over to you and Jack "Your back!"

Jack Smiled "Sorry we were longer than a few minutes we kind of got carried away"

Jamie looked at Jack and chuckled "Its fine, me and Sophie were playing tag while you were gone"

Jamie checked the time on his watch "Damn!, its 7:58 I have to be home by 8! or my mom will kill me..."

Jamie was just about to go when Jack stopped him "How about i fly you home?, it will only take a few minutes"

Jamie beamed "You would do that?"

Jack smiled "Of course!"

Jamie Grabbed Jacks hand, Jack asked Jamie to hold his staff much to Jamie's delight. You picked up Sophie who was near the verge of sleep and held her close to you, you grabbed Jacks other hand with the one you weren't holding Sophie with and you took off to Jamie's house.


Jamie and Sophie got home safely, she fell asleep on the flight, poor girl must have been tired from playing in the snow all day, Jack had offered to take you home which he did, you were now standing outside your door, You had to ask him the question that was lingering in your mind"

"Jack?" he looked at you

"Yeah ________?"

"How did you know where i lived?"

You saw a blush creep up on his cheeks, which you hadn't thought was possible with a winter spirit like him.

"W-well this isn't the first time I've seen you" You gave him a confused look

"What do you mean?"

"I was flying over Burgess, spreading my fun when i saw you and your family unloading the moving truck, you didn't see me though"

"Oh i see"

There was an awkward silence for a minute, that was until Jack spoke up

"Well i guess i should be going"

He turned around and started walking away

"Jack, wait!"

He turned around only to be embraced in a hug by you.

His cold body heat mixed with your warmth, it sent tingles up your spine.

he tensed up at first, but after a few seconds wrapped his arms around your waist.

"Thank you for today, it was amazing"

You could feel him smile.

"No problem _______"

You reluctantly got out of his embrace, and walk towards your door.

"I'll see you later?" you heard him say from behind you

You turned around and smiled "Of course"

Jack smiled back "Goodnight ________" he said as he turned around and started flying away, towards the night sky.

"Goodnight Jack" You whispered as you opened your front door and closed it behind you.
Hope you like it! sorry i got home late, but i made it long just for you guys! sorry if its not as good as the last two chapters, i was quite tired when typing this, thanks for taking your time for reading this story!

Chapter 2 - [link]
Chapter 3 - Your here silly moo! xD
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