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January 10, 2013
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Chapter 4: New house, New rooms

As soon as you stepped inside of your new home, the warmth wrapped around you like a blanket, most of the boxes were gone, which must have meant they got most of the house sorted, you must have been gone a while, you went into your kitchen (the only room you knew at the moment) and saw your mum cooking dinner, she must have heard you come in because she turned round to face you from the stove.

"_______!, there you are! i was beginning to get worried, have fun in the snow?"

You nodded and smiled, you couldn't really tell her much, especially the fact you met Jack Frost! she would think you were crazy!

"Yeah mum, it was great, I made a few friends" she smiled at you

"That's nice, why don't you go and look around the house while i'm cooking the dinner? try to guess which ones your room..." you grinned at her

"Okay! see you later!" you replied as you walked out of the kitchen, you roamed round the house, finding what was where, then it came to your room, you took a deep breath and stepped inside, and turned on the light.

The first thing you noticed is that your new room is bigger than your old one, it is already fully furnished, wow your parents work fast, the room was painted a (f/c) color, much to your delight, you didn't have to bother repainting your room because it was already your favorite color.

Your bed was in the left hand corner next to the window, you could see the moon glowing brightly, you noticed a door on the opposite wall from where your bed was and decided to take a look.

You opened the door, which revealed a bathroom.

A Bathroom?!

your parents are just spoiling you now

you shut the door and lie on your bed, take out your phone and listen to music.

It isn't that long before your called downstairs for dinner


You walk back to your room, you were pretty tired after having dinner, you checked the time and saw it was 11:00 P.M.

You yawned

"I guess i should get some sleep..."

you're to tired to even bother having a shower, you go to the bathroom and quickly do your teeth, then come back out and get changed into your pj's, you close the bathroom door then turn off your bedroom light and get into bed.

Its not completely dark, the moon is shining through your window brightly.

While trying to get to sleep your mind wanders onto the days events.

You had made some new friends

And one of them was Jack Frost

A smile slowly crept on your face as you slipped into your dreams.

Its here!, sorry about it being short, it turns out i have another test tomorrow! *face palm*, hopefully i'll do better than today's, i have a gut feeling i didn't do so good :L

Chapter 3 - [link]
Chapter 4 - Read the title? xD
Chapter 5 - [link]
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