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You were awoken by someone knocking at your door and opening it

"Time to get up ________"

It was your mother, you picked up your phone from your bedside table and saw that the time was 9:30 A.M, you rolled your eyes.

Couldn't your mother just let you sleep in until 10?

Then you remembered


You smiled and quickly did your morning routine, got changed and went downstairs, not forgetting your phone as you shut the door.

As soon as you shut your door the smell of (fave Breakfast) wafted from the kitchen, you smiled and went downstairs, you loved (fave Breakfast), once you reached the kitchen you saw your father and mother were already sitting at the table eating.

"Morning" you yawned and sat down at the table tucking into your (Fave Breakfast)

"Morning Honey" your father said after he had finished taking a sip of his coffee "How did you sleep?"

"Great!" you replied with your mouth full, you swallowed and carried on eating.

"Well, i better be off, don't want to be late on the first day of my new job!" you chuckled and waved goodbye to your dad as he got his things and left for work.

Soon enough you had finished your Breakfast, and got ready to go outside, you didn't bother with a coat so you just put on your (f/c) hooded jumper.

"Mum, i'm going out! i'll be back later okay?" you shouted from the front door

"Okay honey! just make sure you have your phone with you! i'm just going to be unpacking the rest of the boxes!" You felt bad but you knew she could manage.

"Okay!" you opened the door and shut it behind you.

It had snowed overnight, the old snow had been covered with a new layer and it was all untouched, in your front garden that is. since there was so much snow you couldn't really see your footprints and Jack would probably make it snow again so the footprints wouldn't be there long.

While walking along the path, you heard a familiar laugh, you looked round and saw Jamie playing with Pippa, Caleb, Sophie, and two other boys, one of them looked alot like Caleb, they must be twins, you decided to let them know you were here, you walked across the street to where they were.

"Hey guys!" They turned to look at you

"Hey _______!" Jamie called and ran up to you, giving you a hug, it shocked you at first, but you hugged back, smiling.

"Hows it going Jamie?" you said while pulling back from the hug, he smiled at you

"Good, were going ice skating in a minute at the pond, want to come?"

You thought about it for a moment, then remembered you had a pair of ice skates, the problem was, were has your mother placed them.

"Sure! i'll come, but i'll need to get my ice skates first"

"Great! oh i almost forgot!"

He dragged you over to the two boys you had not been acquainted with yet.

"_______, This is Monty and This is Claude, Caleb's twin brother, guys, this is _______"

You smiled at them both, Monty looked like he was blushing, he wore red glasses and had blonde hair.

They both smiled back at you

"You guys ready to go to the pond?" Jamie asked, they all nodded

"Let me just get my skates, wont take long, wait here okay?" Jamie nodded, and so did the others, you ran back to your house and knocked on the door, your mother opened it.

"Whats wrong honey?" she looked at you with concern, thinking something was wrong.

"Mum, do you know where my ice skates are?" she smiled at you

"Your lucky, i just opened the box with them in" she let you inside, there was a box open in the hallway, you walked up to it and saw your white skates laying in there, you smiled and picked them up.

"Thanks mum!" You kissed her on the cheek and left the house, shutting the door behind you.

You ran back to see the group waiting patiently for you, they smiled once they saw you.

"Ready to go?" They all nodded and you followed them to the pond, since you had no idea where it was.


Once you had got to the pond, everybody sat down in the snow and put their skates on, you made sure the ice was safe, which is was, Jack must have frozen it over thickly, then a question popped into your mind.

Where is Jack?

He must be busy, he IS the Spirit of winter

You sat down in the snow and put on your skates, you got up and made sure they were comfortable, which they were, the others were already on the ice.

you got on the ice, and started skating, occasionally from time to time you would twirl, and skate with the others.

"Having fun?" You heard a familiar voice say which made you jump.

You were just about to slip and fall when Jack grabbed your hand and pulled you close to him.

"Whoa! You alright?" you noticed you were only centimeters apart, you tried not to blush

"Y-yeah i'm fine, thanks" you smiled as you let go of his hand,

"Jack!" You heard Jamie call, he skated past you then slipped and fell into Jacks arms, Jack smiled

"Careful there Jamie! Having fun?"

Jamie looked up at him, he was beaming.

"Yeah! watch this!"

Jamie did a spin on the ice, you and Jack clapped

"Thank you" Jamie bowed, which made you giggle

"How about you?" you heard Jack say, you turn to look at him, his icy blue eyes locking onto yours, it was hard to look away, they were so entrancing.

"What about me?" you gave him a confused look, he chuckled.

"Can you skate?" you looked at him as if to say well I've got skates on?... what do you think?!

"I'm okay i guess, Jamie's probably better than me though"

"why don't i teach you?"


To late.

he already had taken your hand and you were in the middle of the ice

"Its easy! trust me"

with three hundred years of practice it is!...

Jamie went to sit down with the others in the snow watching intently.


Jack put wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you close to him, making you blush

Why do you keep blushing?!

He smirked at you, you wrapped your arm around his waist and took his hand in yours, the coldness sending chills down your spine, it was something you could get used to.

you heard a song come on, you looked at Pippa who had her phone in her hands smirking at you, you playfully glared.

"I didn't even have to ask" Jack said to himself, which you heard.

You and Jack started skating round the pond, him twirling you occasionally, you start to get more confident and he lets you go off and skate around on your own for a minute.

"I want to try something" you look at him

"And that is?"

"Skate up to me and jump"


"Just trust me"

You looked into his eyes, you knew you could trust him, you just knew.

"Okay..." he slid back a little, since he didn't wear any skates.

You took and deep breath, and started skating as fast as you could towards jack, when you were about a meter away, you jumped, you felt cold hand secure on your torso and legs and lift you up into the air, and spin you round, you made your arms look like the wings of a plane, You could hear Jamie and the others cheering from the side of the pond.

Jack gently placed you back down onto the icy pond, you smiled at him then basically glomped him, much to his surprise.

"That was awesome!" You could hear him chuckle

"I told you it would be!"

You released him and smiled up at him, he smiled to showing of his pearly white teeth, which looked like the snow before you.

"That was awesome guys!" you heard Jamie say

You looked at Jamie and smiled, your smile ceased when you heard your phone ring.

"Great..." you muttered, you saw it was your mum calling you, you pressed answer and placed the phone to your ear, Jack watching you intently.


"Hey ________, i need some help at home, i'm trying to put the couch together, do you mind coming home and helping me?"

You sighed, you didn't want to leave, you were having to much fun, but you had to, its not nice leaving your mum on her own, doing the work by yourself, you hadn't even helped at all, with meeting Jack and all.

"Sure mum, i'll help you,i'll be home in 10 minutes, okay?" from the corner of your eyes you saw sadness spread on Jack and the children's faces.

"Thank you so much honey! i would have your father do it bu-"

"He's at work, yeah i know" you could tell your mother felt guilty.

"Well, i'll see you soon okay?"

"See you soon mum"



You ended the call and sighed.

"Well?" you looked at Jack with sadness in your eyes

"I have to help my mother in the house, with the moving in and everything" sadness spread  across Jacks face

You could hear Jamie and the others go "Awwh!" in the background

You turned round to look at them "Sorry guys, i have to, i promise to play all day tomorrow okay?"

They all smiled and nodded, you turned back to Jack

"At least let me fly you home-"

"Stay with the children, I'll be fine, don't worry" you gave him a warm smile, he pulled you into a hug, that hug that sent tingles down your spine, you smiled.

"I had a really fun day planned you know"


"Yeah, guess you will have to wait now" you left his embrace and pouted at him, he chuckled.

"Oh well, we have tomorrow" he smiled and nodded, he walked over to pick up his staff which he had left in the snow earlier and you went up to Jamie and the others and hugged them all.

"I'll see you all later okay?" they all nodded, Jack walked up to you twirling his staff as he did.

"Bye Jack" you hugged him which he returned then turned around and started walking home

While walking home you started to think.

Why did you keep blushing at Jack?

Why did you feel nervous around him?

Every time you made contact, it sent weird chills down your spine...

You had just reached the outside of your home when you stopped.

Your eyes widened

It all pieced together

You were starting to develop feelings for the Winter Spirit, Jack Frost...

You put it to the back of your mind and went inside

This isn't going to end well...

Or is it?
Here it is, and long to! (what did i just say.... XD) anyway, im really tired, sorry if its not that good, being tired doesn't help heh, anyway, hope you enjoyed the story so far!

Update: I changed the ending slightly, you've only known him for two days, i don't want to ruin the story by rushing into things, i was tired and wasn't pleased with the ending when i read it the next morning. hope its better now! :3

Ps: I might update today... :3

Chapter 4 - [link]
Chapter 5 - Here!
Chapter 6 - [link]
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TheQueenPrincess Featured By Owner May 19, 2015  Student Writer
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lol everything must come to an end but DAMN it'd be worth it **swoons** come on guys face it: pretend it never happened and ignore him and miss out on all that... or have all that and when you're old and gray and on your death bed, look back and remember alllllllllll the time you spent with that loveable hunk of winter spirit named Jack Frost? please... no contest there
SneakyXWoman13 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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