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February 3, 2013
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Chapter 6: These Feelings...

Making sure the front door was shut, you make your way to the living room, where your mother was, she had a distressed look on her face, she looked up and saw you and it immediately ceased, and was replaced with a smile.

"Thanks for coming home, i know you were with your friends bu-"

"Mom, it's fine, i wanted to come home, besides, you need the help"

You gesture towards the nuts and bolts on the floor, all mixed up. Your mother wasn't a very good when it came to building things, that's where your father came in, but he wasn't home so, it was your turn.

You noticed a white piece of paper next to your mothers foot, you walked over to it and picked it up, making sure to avoid the nuts and bolts, that's all you need, jabbing one right into your foot.

You opened it up, and started to read.

After a few seconds, you looked up at your mother, who was standing there with her arms crossed looking at you as if to say Well?

"Seems pretty simple, but we need to get some things first..."


You had finally completed it, after three long hours (yes, you had been counting) you had finally completed building the couch, your mother, not so much.

She had got confused about which bit goes where, when you finally decided that you would do it yourself and you told your mother to do the simplest thing: Read the instructions out to you.

You stood back and admired your work, you weren't so bad at building after all, you must have taken after your father.

Your mother basically collapsed onto the couch, and tilted her neck to look at you with tired eyes.

"Its finally over! i'm so tired, you did a good job, its really comfortable"

You playfully glared at her and rolled your eyes, all she had to do was read the freakin instructions, but that was your mother for you, but you knew she was only playing.

"Your so over dramatic"

Then with that, you walk upstairs, and into your room.


Your mother had asked you a numerous amount of times if you wanted something to eat, but you simply refused, you said you would get something later, you weren't really that hungry, besides, you had other things on your mind.

Specifically Jack

These couple of days have been the most amazing, the sort of memories you will never forget, especially flying over Burgess.

You never thought you would have met someone with supernatural abilities, hell, you never thought you would be friends with one!

That's life for you.

Your mind traveled to the events earlier today, you two skating on the pond, him spinning you in the air, the hugs.

The hugs

You always had the urge to hug him, for some unknown reason, you really need to stop doing that, its weird.

Unless, he didn't mind.

But you don't know what goes on in Jacks mind.

He certainly wouldn't be thinking about you, like your thinking about him.

Would he?

No, of course not, he's probably thinking about which place he should bring winter to next.

Why would he be thinking about you anyway? your just an ordinary girl.

An ordinary girl who is starting to feel something more than a friend towards him.

You had never fallen for someone this quickly before.

You had never really fallen for anybody before, so that's how you could tell.

You sighed, and sat up on your bed, brushing your hair behind your ear as you did so.

Even if you did have some sort of feelings towards him, and he did like you back, which is unlikely to happen, it wouldn't work out, he's immortal, your not.

You sighed and looked out your window and saw the moon shining brightly at you. You always liked to look at the moon and the stars, it seemed to bring you peace.

You checked the time, It was 8:07 PM.

"I have nothing else to do, might as well get ready for bed..." You made your way to the bathroom, not forgetting your pajamas, you placed them over your towel on the towel rack, and started to undress, once you were fully undressed, you nudged your clothes over to the side, and got into the shower.

You turned it on and stepped back, you didn't want ice cold water hitting your body, the occasional drop went on your feet, but you payed no mind, once the shower was at the right temperature, you stepped forward, letting the warm water soak your body.


You pulled on your pajama bottoms, and walked back into your room, dirty clothes in hand, you made your way out of your room and placed them in the washing basket near your door.

"Mom, i'm going to bed, night!" You awaited outside your door for a response.

"It's Only 8:45 ________! you tired?" You heard your mothers faint voice from downstairs call.

"Y-yeah! building the couch wore me out, see you in the morning, okay?"

"okay, goodnight"

You then made your way back into your room shutting your door behind you

You realize you have forgotten to brush your hair, you pick up the brush on your bed side table and sit on the edge on your bed, and start to brush.

Tap tap tap

You think its just your mind, and continue brushing.

Tap tap tap

The sound is coming from your window, your turn your head slowly towards it, brush still in hair, since the only light source is the moon at the moment, you notice a silhouette of a person on your floor, you cautiously make your way to the window, brush in hand, and who do you see;

Jack Frost, floating outside your bedroom window, icy blue orbs staring at you brightly.

You make your way over to your window, opening it, letting the winter spirit into your bedroom.

"What are you doing here?!" You shout whisper, making sure your mother wont hear.

"I thought i'd come and see you, i wanted to show you something"

"Well show me now, my mom thinks i'm asleep!" He chuckles

"Calm down miss cranky, besides..." he twirls his staff and walks towards you "its outside, you have to be outside to see it" You roll your eyes.

"My names ______"

"Miss cranky sounds better, and besides, your hair suits, you look like you have been sleeping for 24 hours"

You turn to your mirror to see that half your hair (the side you brushed) is nice and smooth while the other side is frizzy and tangled, you blush, and smack his shoulder.

"Ouch! what was that for?" he pretends to look hurt, but you can see right through it.

"For being mean" You pout and start to brush the other side of your hair fast, the tangles were loose so within a few seconds the other side of your hair is nice and smooth.

"Okay, okay, sorry snowflake" You look at him and raise an eyebrow

"So i'm snowflake now?" The nickname didn't sound that bad, you liked snowflakes.

"Would you rather be called miss cranky?" You glared at him, he'd won, you put down your brush and turned to look at him with crossed arms.

"So?" You gave him a confused look

"So, what?"

"Are you coming to have a look at what I've made or not?"

So its something he's made now?

"What about my mom?"

He smirks at you

"She wont even know your gone, besides, i'll have you back at ten"

"You make it sound like its a date" he looks down to the floor and back up at you chuckling.

"Maybe it is... maybe it isn't, you coming or not?" What does he mean by that?!

You look down and think for a moment, biting your lip as you do so, you then look up and meet his icy blue gaze.

"Fine, but make sure i'm back at ten" He chuckles and twirls his staff again.

"Would i lie to you?" He outstretches his hand for you to take, you reluctantly take it and you both make your way over to the window, he goes out first, then you second.

"Ready Snowflake?"

"Ready as i'll ever be"

He smirks at you, then he takes flight into the night sky, bringing you along with him.
It's finally here! Chapter 6! i tried to make Jack more mischievous and playful, hopefully you guys will like it, thanks for sticking with me!

PS: I changed it from mum to mom, if you haven't noticed.

Chapter 5: [link]
Chapter 6: Your here!
Chapter 7: [link]
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