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February 10, 2013
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Chapter 8 - He's back

You and Jack enter your room through your window, no sign that your mothers noticed, she's probably engrossed watching a program on the new TV, you walk over your phone and check the time.

10:00 PM

You chuckle, turning round and showing Jack, He chuckled also.

"Exactly ten 'o clock, i'm surprised" he smiled, and leaned on his staff.

"I promised didn't i?"

You smiled, you put your phone down and turned towards Jack again.

"Why did you take me? you seem really close to Jamie, why didn't you take him?"

Jack's smile died down a little, only showing a faint smile now.

"Well, Jamie's just a kid, i wouldn't want to bore him with something like that, whereas, your a teenager, like me, i thought you might like and appreciate it more, and besides" he gestures with his staff towards the paintings on the wall "You seem like your fond of art, did you paint these?"

You wandered over to a painting that you painted just before you left, it was of your old house, you traced your hand over the canvas.

"Yeah, i did, it's just a hobby though, i like to draw to, but my sketchbook is probably in one of those boxes downstairs"

Jack smiled at you "Well, i think that you should be an artist, these are amazing"

"You really think so?" Jack nodded.

You looked at the painting again, remembering the fun times you had back at your old home, then you turned to look at Jack once more "Thanks Jack, for everything"

"Hey, its my job, and your my first teenage believer"


"Yep, your the first teenager to believe, in me, i don't know about the others" You gave him a confused look.

"There are others?"

"Yeah, Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, and the sandman"

"There real?!"

"Yep, 100% real"

You couldn't believe it, you used to believe in them when you were younger, but with meeting Jack you always wondered if there were others out there, now you had your answer.

"I'll take you to meet them sometime" your eyes widened slightly


"Yeah really, i'm sure they'll be shocked to find out a teenager believes in them" he chuckled and you smiled.

"Sounds great, has Jamie met them?"

"Yeah he did, a few weeks ago" His tone sounded grave

"What happened?" Jack placed his staff to the side and sat on your bed, you went over and sat next to him.

"Jamie was the last believer, to believe in them, the guardians, i flew to his window, and Jamie was losing faith, so i made him believe again, by giving him a sign, but by doing that, it made him believe in me as well, so he could see me."

"So Jamie was your first believer?" Jack nodded

"North and the others arrived in the sleigh outside Jamie's house, I flew down from his window and Jamie came outside, where they were, they were all weak, from lack of believers, you see, if the guardians lose believers, or have no believers at all, they become weak, Sandy, got killed by pitch not so long before." You nodded in understanding and for him to continue.

"You see, i was chosen to be the new guardian, i hadn't officially accepted it yet, so i wasn't weak like they were, Pitch Black, the nightmare king, had planned to make all the children believe in him, for the world to be full of fear, but the children managed to stop him, with there belief. bringing back the sandman in the process"

"His own nightmares, or fearlings, turned on him and dragged him back to his lair, where he is today, then soon after i was officially made a guardian"

A knot formed in your stomach.

That horse you saw, wasn't a horse at all.

It was a fearling

And now that it knows your friends with Jack, it's probably told its master, Pitch Black.

"_______, you alright?" you noticed he hadn't used the nickname, he seemed concerned.

"I saw one"


"When we were at the pond, i saw a fearling"

Jack's eyes widened

"Are you sure?" you nodded

"Do fearlings by chance have Orange-silver eyes?"

Jack froze


You stopped breathing for a moment

Pitch was back

And he was probably after you.

Jack kneeled down in front of you, and placed his cold hands on your shoulders, you looked up at his icy blue eyes that were full of care.

"I promise, nothing will happen to you, or the others, got it?" You nodded, and Jack pulled you into a hug, which made you feel surprisingly warm.

Still hugging, you looked out your window and noticed a beautiful green-blue light immersing the sky.

"Jack" He left your embrace and looked at you, you pointed to your window.

He turned round and noticed the lights "I guess they must have found out to, I've got to go, guardians call" He walked towards your window

"Will you be back?" Jack turned round and gave you one of his classic smiles.

"Of course, i promise, try to get some sleep, i'll be back soon"

You were in panic, what if something happens to Jack, or the others? what if Pitch comes after you?

A tear unknowingly escaped your (E/C) eyes, Jack went over and kneeled in front of you once more.

"You and the kids will be fine, i promise, that's our job, to protect you guys, nothing will happen if i have something to do with it"

"But what about you? what happens if you get hurt i-"

"Hey, hey, hey, slow down, i'll be fine, don't you worry about that" he wiped the tears spilling from your eyes, you nodded reluctantly and gave him one last hug, causing more warm tears to spill from your eyes and down his hooded Jumper.

He walked over to your window once more, and looked at you one final time, he didn't want to leave you, but he had a job to do.

"See you snowflake" he smiled and winked at you, then flew out your window towards the pole.
I'm in that sort of mood where i cant stop writing x3 here's chapter 8, thank you for such lovely comment's! i try to reply to all of you when i can! :D


Chapter 7 - [link]
Chapter 8 - Your here!
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